Managed Hosting

We control the day-to-day hassle of monitoring, maintaining and updating your web server so you can focus on your business.

We know that your website is the priority so, when partnered with our Webmaster Service we include uptime monitoring, virus and malware scanning and spam prevention of the website itself – not just the server.

Not sure about what this means for you and your business? Just get in touch today and we’ll talk through it with you.

Professional Hosting

Professional solutions are there for those who want a more robust solution than cloud, without the overheads of Business solutions.

Our professional solutions come with a 99.99% network uptime with 24 hour recovery guarantee and a website monitoring service that will alert us within 5 minutes if an issue is ever detected.

from £25+VAT/mo
from £250+VAT/yr

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Business Hosting

Business solutions are there for companies that need additional peace of mind and stability. Our private dedicated servers provide amazing resilience and they are completely isolated from the public.

Our Business Hosting comes with a
100% Network uptime and 2hr recovery SLA.

from £50+VAT/mo
from £500+VAT/yr

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Premium Hosting

Built with both dedicated RAM and CPU resources, our packages are able to offer superior performance without the headache and an SLA of 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Add to this around the clock website monitoring and scanning and you’ve got the perfect platform for any website or webapp.

from £75+VAT/mo
from £750+VAT/yr

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VPS / Dedicated Server

Need something a bit more bespoke, need some advanced security or have a particularly hungry website / web app?

We can provision and manage a Dedicated server just for you. No compromise.

Tell use what you need and we’ll put something together for you to match.

from £150+VAT/mo
from £1,500+VAT/yr

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We can combine any of our Webmaster / WordPress Support Packages* with Any of our Cloud, Business Hosting or VPS / Dedicated Servers so please get in touch for a quote and we can put something together for you.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Managed Backups

Managed Backups

Losing data can be a heart-sinking moment, so all of our Managed Solutions come with daily backups on an independent server so that whatever happens, your website is in safe hands.

Managed Disaster Recovery

Even in the worst cases, we’ll look after the recovery for you, too. Installed a new plugin that broke the site? We’ll roll it back to yesterday for you. Need to get the previous version of a file? We’ll send you a link to the one from last week.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

We scan the website (not just the server) every minute of every day so that if it’s down for more than 5 minutes we’ll know about it.

In the unlikely event it does, we’ve got people in our data-centers 24/7 to sort out any hardware issues and if it’s a problem with the website then we’ll be in touch with more information.

Awesome Protection

Awesome Protection

We’ll scan your website daily for known virus and malware as well as checking Google Safesearch records and the domains DNS records.

We’ll keep an eye on the server for any abnormal behaviour, too that might indicate spam or malicious activity.

All of our servers are behind state-of-the art firewalls with active protection against hackers.

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