Virtualistion is a broad heading to cover off what most consider as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or cloud based platforms which can include Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and VMware being the most common in the marketplace at present. While we do not specifically build large architectural platforms, we can advise which platform may be suited to you, and also look to understand what you would be keen to explore within this area. There are great additions that can be added to your business for example within Azure you could look to add a Multi-Factor Authorization solution or a blob storage solution to give better security and added flexibility to your business. These services can be bought in credits or pay as you go models, and can be designed to implement almost anything previously based on your network or on premise, but now in the cloud at anytime, anywhere.

  • Peak period cost optimisation
  • Reduction of on premise equipment
  • Easily scaled to huge proportions to meet high demands
  • Flexibility to build bespoke solutions
  • Hybrid cloud deployment for further optimisation
  • World class security and availability
  • Modern IT infrastructure future-proofing organisations

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While there are many attractive features to these platforms and while costs can be driven down in some areas, its imperative that you consult a professional before considering investing in your business as can be costly to turn back and reconsider later down the line. Talk to Spotlight to see how we can help.

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