SSL Encryption

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

This means that information is secure between the website and the user during any interaction.

How does this affect my business?

You’ll know that it’s important to look for the padlock when purchasing items or logging into secure website on the move, but what about the other direction?

We’ve put together some of the key benefits of SSL encryption below so to take advantage of SSL encryption please Book a consultation with us.

Better Reputation and Customer Trust

Better Reputation and Customer Trust

Customers will see that your website is encrypted when they see the secure padlock in the address bar and, if you’ve opted for an ‘EV’ certificate, you’ll get an additional green bar of approval.


You don’t want you or your clients information falling into the wrong hands – especially sensitive or financial information. An SSL certificate encrypts (hides) anything that is communicated between the website and the user so that even if there was somebody snooping, the information is useless – just random numbers and letters.

Identification and Authentication

Identification and Authentication

An SSL Certificate with Domain or Organisation authentication will tell visitors that they are on the correct website. This authentication is important if users are sending any kind of information to you and essential if they are also making payments on your website.

Think of it like your websites Passport – it proves that it is legitimate and can be trusted accross the globe.

What are the dissadvantages?

What are the dissadvantages?

With such clear advantages, why would anyone not use SSL? Are there any disadvantages to using SSL certificates?

Outside of the cost (and we have SSL certificates to suit all budgets, warrenties and businesses) there will be a slight performance hit when you add SSL encryption, to account for the encryption of the data before it is transmitted.

Realistically, this is unlikely to be an issue if you host with us – Our Business Hosting Soutions allow for a virtually impact free installation.

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