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We specialise in the creation of WordPress Websites and know pretty much everything there is to know about this Platform. WordPress has evolved exponentially over the last 5 years and is estimated to power over 75,000,0000 websites… But why should you use it?

Intuitive admin area

The WordPress admin area is the administration hub of a WordPress powered website. The easy to use interface simplifies a process to a point that even the most novice of users quickly feels comfortable adding, removing and editing website content.


WordPress was foundered on an open-source community and there are thousands of free and paid plugins available all with the ability to extend functionality in some way. These can be as simple as adding an extra field, all the way to extending your site into a full blown e-commerce solution.

Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types (CPT) are a way of distinguishing different types of content on your WordPress website. When you install WordPress you have two default content types:

  • Posts – These handle the news/blog features of your WordPress installation
  • Pages – In a standard installation the main content for all your website pages will likely reside within the “Pages” post type

Custom Post Types can handle any other type of content you want to handle:

  • Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Recipes
  • Property

You can read more about WordPress CPT on our news feed.

Themes / Framework

WordPress acts as the engine for your website, and the theme is what gives your website its appearance. A Framework is essentially a more complex theme with added functionality that allows you to create custom styling whilst leaving the core functionality to the framework. They will often hold pre-formatted styling and advanced layout functionality that can be styled on a theme by theme basis. If a core update causes a conflict or a security exploit if found then it’s easier to fix multiple sites simultaneously running on the same framework rather than a standalone theme.

We use the open source Warp Framework due to its small footprint, strong features and versatile nature. After years of building websites on WordPress using various themes and frameworks we have settled on this solid foundation and you can rest assured your site build is in good hands.

Why choose us to build your WordPress Website?

We are heavily invested in the WordPress platform as we’ve been developing on it for the past 4 years, and we practice what we preach because our website (and specifically this content) is being powered by WordPress. We are WordPress specialists and you can read a little more about us and our Journey here. We are dedicated to every project we undertake and your website is our portfolio so we’re proud of each and every one we have created. We feel our work speaks for itself but the heart of our success comes from our support. We have a fully integrated client portal where you can raise tickets, view/pay invoices, and even manage your domains and hosting.

We actively encourage you to contact any one of our existing clients as a large proportion of our work comes from referrals and that’s a huge compliment in itself. We are constantly assessing the market and our own services in order to offer you the best possible solution at the most affordable price. You’ll have a taster of working with us when you complete a project scope in order to receive your free no obligation proposal.

We have recently introduced the option to split your website into monthly installments to help your business manage cash flow, and have even prepared a starter package offering a complete solution for a single monthly payment.

Some of our work

  • The Jeanie Lee’s

  • Momentoring

  • Hostel Connect

  • Blackhall Yard

  • Voters Choice

  • Noah’s Ark Pre-School

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