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The Benefits of having live chat on your website Spotlight Studios Ltd

The benefits of having live chat on your website

Live chat is the informal sales assistant of the digital world – there to help boost customer confidence by answering quick questions about products and services without submitting a formal email requ …

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Spotlight Studios Ltd Article

Nearly half way through 2017

Following our recent announcements of the absorption of DGL all of us at Spotlight hope that you all had a lovely bank holiday, however now it’s over, it means summer is quickly approaching and we are …

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GDPR Enforced 25 May 2018 Spotlight Studios

GDPR Enforced 25 May 2018

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be enforced from 25 May 2018. UK organisations that process the personal data of EU residents have only a short time to ensure that they are complian …

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Spotlight Studios Acquire DGL Web Design

In one of the most exciting pieces of news in 2017 Spotlight Studios have acquired the web element of DGL Creative. David is a very talented designer and has over 18 years’ experience in the graphic d …

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Wanna Decryptor: Stay Vigilant Spotlight Studios Ltd

Wanna Decryptor: Stay Vigilant

A malicious new strain of self-replicating ransomware known as Wanna Decryptor / Wannacry / Wcry is disabling computers worldwide and has affected leading organisations such as NHS. How does Wanna Dec …

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Backup Spotlight Studios Ltd

What is the best backup solution for your business?

Backup is essential for modern business but with so many different methods available how can you pick the one that is best for you? There are a few important variables to consider including how much d …

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Google Analytics Spotlight Studios Ltd

Making sense of your Google Analytics Traffic Reports

Google Analytics is a fantastic resource, but a minefield to get around – engagement, acquisition, goals – all of this information can be collated and used to boost your business by a trained SEO expe …

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Less is more Spotlight Studios Ltd

Less is More

When you are designing a site, you may feel tempted to try and add more ‘stuff’. Our clients often request more ‘stuff’ which can include more buttons, pop-ups, adverts and social feeds to their sites …

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