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Make WordPress more secure in 5 seconds

We all know of the dangers lurking behind the dark corners of the web, but here is a super-simple step to make your WordPress installation much more secure with virtually no effort.. How? Simply move …

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Visibility: Hidden vs Display: None

We have come across a few sources in the past few weeks, some plugins and some scripts that we have needed to edit in order to correct formatting irregularities. The problems have occurred when certai …

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Student Web Hosting for £10 a year? That’s Crazy!

But possible with Spotlight Student Web Hosting! Amazing! With four packages available, snapshot backups and built on the latest cloud hosting platform; our student web hosting is perfect if you are l …

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New Bradford Office in re:Center!

Originally studying here many moons ago, we’ve always been invested in Bradford and now that we also teach at the University, office space near the campus seemed like a no-brainer.

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WordPress Multisite Networks and Wildcard Sub-Domains

There is a lot of confusion over how to correctly setup Wordpress Multisite Networks, not least with getting them configured correctly using wildcard sub-domains. What is a Wildcard sub-domain? A wild …

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Student Hosting!

In preparation for our learning platform, Spotlight Academy, we are proud to launch our new, Student Hosting platform! Based on a proven cloud infrastructure we are able to offer the same high speed a …

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New Manchester Office in Beehive Lofts

We are happy to announce we have just moved into our new Manchester office in Beehive Lofts! Located in a 190 year old converted Mill in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, we love the architecture but mor …

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