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Copy Writing

Professional and SEO Ready

It can be difficult to know how best to write your online content. From understanding the psychology or how people read on the internet vs physical Magazines or Newspapers to ensuring that the copy is fully optimised for SEO so that Google can read, understand and suitably rank you for your key terms.

Our copywriters are fully trained in both of these and more giving you the perfect balance of compelling language to draw visitors into your services and specific SEO techniques to get you as near to the top in Google as you can be.

New Copy

Often the most time consuming parts to having a new website built is getting the content written, so why should you spend you or your staffs resources doing all of the hard work? Whilst the more information you can give us the better (you know your business better than anybody) we can take care of the rest allowing you to concentrate on the most important tasks – running your business!

Blog Writing

If you own a website then you will certainly understand the importance of having a quality ranking. It doesn’t matter whether you own a local coffee shop or a corporate e-commerce store with thousands of products, your ranking on Google will determine how many customers you get and how many people visit your site, not to mention that it could also decide whether or not you’re successful in the world of internet marketing. Google loves fresh content, in fact, all search engines do! Of course it can be difficult to change your website content on a weekly basis, and this is where Blogs and our copy writing services come in. Blogs allow you to optimise certain keywords for your business while also helping you to increase your ranking, utilising our copy writing service allows you to concentrate on your business and leave the content generation to us.

By posting just once a week, you can ensure your site is fully optimised and make sure that your customers have plenty of reading material when they visit your site. Your blogs can be about anything and everything, so all you need to do is provide us with your subject title, brief and (optionally) links to source material and we’ll do the rest.

So do you want to see an increase in your ranking? Maybe you just want to get ahead of your competition, either way, blogs are certainly the way forward and they can really work wonders for your business and your site.

With our free sample blog you can start a blog today, then with a budget of only £250+VAT every 10 weeks you could keep on top of your content without having to lift a finger.

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