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Turnkey Solutions

What is a Turnkey Solution

Every website that we build requires a “Theme” and these themes can be either developed from scratch or be derived from something that is already in existence. It’s rare that we start with a blank canvas, mainly because it’s a lot more cost effective to start with something and tweak to your liking and this is exactly what a turnkey solution is. These building blocks form the foundation upon which we work. We utilise a reliable and open source framework developed for WordPress. All designs are modern, compliant and work seamlessly across mobile devices.

Why wouldn’t I need a Turnkey Solution

The main reason not to consider a turnkey solution is that you want something that is truly unique to your brand. We’re talking about something that our existing themes are simply not in the same ball park for, it might be a “little bit out there” and will almost certainly involve a longer consultation process including a graphic designer. For this approach you’d also need to be realistic in relation to your budget, our turnkey solutions will have had a team working days/weeks in order to achieve the final result, and the same amount of effort will need to go into your design.

But I don’t want my design to look like everyone else’s

Modern websites have similarities and we of course have our own in-house style, but don’t worry as it’s rare that your project will end up looking exactly like another of one of our websites. We always try and make subtle but distinguishing differences that make this solution the perfect fit for you.

  • Original Design: Unique
  • End Result: Steven Stone Blog
  • Starter HTML

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    Business WordPress

    • 15+ Responsive Designs
    • Up to 10 pages incl. Contact Form
    • Google Maps & Analytics
    • Webmaster recommended:
    • Quarterly Platform Updates
    • 24/7 monitoring + virus scans
    • £895+VAT
    • No Minimum Contract
    • Add-ons Available

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    Pro WordPress

    • Exclusive Premium Designs
    • Up to 20 pages inc. contact form
    • 5 Hours custom design
    • Advanced Webmaster recommended:
    • Monthly Platform Updates
    • Advanced Virus / Malware scans
    • £1295+VAT
    • No Minimum Contract
    • Add-ons Available

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