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Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

The importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business

Nowadays, the challenge for business is to create, market and sustain a website in the ever0growing ocean of the world wide web. The importances should be not only regarding what the website has to offer, but also the way it delivers its content to complete user satisfaction.

Lets put ourselves in the user’s shoes:

  • Imagine a website that promises a lot but is hard to navigate through.
  • Or a website that offers a unique product or service but fails to showcase it.
  • Or take an application that has big business potential but is poorly designed.

Is the user going to stick around or start looking for alternative options?

In most cases,the user would start looking for other options, and that’s where the competitions on the web starts to get tricky.

What is UI - Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

What is UI and UX?

Content, design and functionality of the websites are the most important key ares that continue to evolve today. One of the most important elements of a website is the user interface because it plays a massive role in the stickiness of website traffic.

UI (User Interface) is how a website interacts with the user: These are the features of the website that people use to get around understand how it works. This is excluding beaty or aesthetics. It’s mainly about usefulness and the way it delivers the content to its users.

UX (User Experience) is the art of improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the website in order to achieve its goal and provide the required customer satisfaction. This keeps customers in mind and creates the structure of websites. The procedure focuses on wireframing the website and structuring all of its content and componends in an appropriate way in order to simplify the user’s experience.

A website should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Error-free
  • Effective

The main goal of your website should be to get the user as easy and as quickly as possible to your product or service. Good UI makes this happen.

A good interface designs guides the users through their journey on the website. It could be a good chain of screens, pages, forms, buttons etc.

“When people visit your website they should feel welcomed. They should feel at home.”
Good vs Bad UI/UX - Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

Good vs Bad UI/UX

There are sime similar traits of good and bad user interfaces that are mistakenly shared across various websites.

Good UI:

  • Intuitive – people have no issues navigating through the website
  • Familiar – even your first-time-visitors should know how to use the website
  • Leading – it should lead people through your website through good structure and to your end point – your product

Bad UI:

  • Sluggish and unresponsive – interacting is slow and clunky
  • Complicated – people have a hard time to understand the website
  • Confusing – users wont be able to navigate throug hteh website easily
  • Inconsistent design – inconsistent design which confuses visitors
  • No target – the target audience of the website is not clear
  • Lack of social interaction – nowadays social media plays a big part in online presence and people like seeing that
  • Readability issues – content is unreadable and hard to understand
5 Reasons why it's important - Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

5 Reasons why it’s important

1. How you present your product matters the most

If the user interface is poorly designed  and complex it will drive infocming traffic away. This is one of the common reasons why so many businesses invest in finding a good UI designer. If your analytics are showing a higher bounce rate than your would like, bad UI / UX is a common cause.

2. Great design is great business

The branding, color scheme, layout, graphics, tab and button placement, typography usage and white space determine how well awebsite communicates visually with the visitor. There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW!

3. The best marketing tool is the right content

A stable UI ensures that your content will be presented in the right way and will appeal to the people that are searching for it. It should go without saying that effective communication is one of the most important points of the website.

4.You need an easy-to-use interface

The navigation of your website should be easy to locate and browse through. If it is complex for a user to use it, there will be no way they will stay on the website for long. Modern businessses invest in digital marketers and UI/UX designers in order to achieve the perfect navigation system for their target audience.

5. Form and functionality are everything!

Exceptional customer experience goes along with usability. If your website’s functionality is slow nad clunky, that will result in a loss of potential clients, especially on mobile devices.

5 ways it can help your business - Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

5 ways it can help your business

1. Generates recommendations

If your UX design is good it will encourage word of mouth recommendations. Your website’s usefulness and ease of use will encourage people to tell others about it. A part of UX is making sharing easy and free recommendations from users are far more valuable than a paid advertisement.

2. Reduces development costs

Ensuring the development time is targetet on the areas that really matter can really keep a project within budget and lower development costs, including extensive user research, usability testing and prototyping.

3. Generates loyalty

You need to put the design team in the shoes of the user in order to achieve ultimate customer loyalty. Researching your target audience’s behaviour will simplify development work which will speed up the whole process, giving you more time to work on more important things – growing your business.

4. Reduces internal costs

It’s important to prioritise not what the developers and designers want, but what the users want to get out from the website. If this is followed throug hcorrectly it will result in less support requests. Ultimately, that will result in less spent time in solving issues with client interaction.

5. Increased profits

75% of the people judge a website on its design. People are more likely to buy a product from a well-designed website rather than an unappealing one. If the website is easy to use this will give you a combination which will boost up your user interactiong, therefore resulting in more products or services sold.

Testing, Testing - Importance of UI and UX design and why it matters for your business - Spotlight Studios

Testing, testing

The best way to ensure that your website has good UI is to test it. This doesn’t need to be difficult and you can do it while the website is live. One of the easiest ways of testing a website is to ask your customers for feedback. This will show that you respect their opinion and that they matter to you.

Good UI will make people feel comfortable and it should provide the necessary information they need in order to make their decision about your product. If you keep following the rules from this article you should be good to go with your UI and UX, but remember, there is laways room for error and there is always room for improvement.

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