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No Need to get Bogged Down with the Boring Stuff

DNS management is at the heart of your website, email and other services so why risk it yourselves?

DNS Management

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DNS Management

We include DNS management with all of our domains, so when you register or transfer your domains to us you’ll always be covered. Simply contact your account manager.

We can setup your email records to provide additional security and protection from spoof accounts and ensure that legitimate emails do not end up in your clients spam folders.

We partner with CDN providers to allow your website and other services to be protected and distributed globally, speeding up and improving the customer experience worldwide.

Have you been told that DNS changes will propogate after 24 or even 48 hours? With us, most changes are propogated within seconds of us taking action.

If your team are working remotely and need to connect to physical devices in the office, then we can help simplify the process – just connect to “”.

If you’ve got sensitive services then we can limit access to specific countries, specific offices or even dedicated IP addresses to help increase security.

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We’ll Set You up
for Success

No more lost emails, not more redirection errors and no more worrying about how best to validate your domain for different services.

DNS Management 2

Around the Clock Support

As well as our phone number, it’s easy to raise a support ticket and we’ll often get back to you within hours, not days.

We’ve developed a system that allows for near-instant changes so when you’re presented with an issue, we’ll be ready.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Whatever you need, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to reach out to for DNS changes, support or advice.

Just give us a call or get in touch with us.

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DNS Management 5

Simple, flexible pricing.

Register a domain with us, or transfer a domain to us and you’ll receive DNS management for free.

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A weight off your mind

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