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A bold, minimalist design, in-line with their existing brand guidelines and a more focussed navigation have allowed us to improve the user experience whilst increasing engagement and turning visitors into leads.
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Impact needed us to modernise their website, which was starting to show signs of age and was becoming difficult to update and manage. This gave the team the opportunity to develop the style of the website, but more importantly allowed them to review the website structure, content and the way that the website could used as a lead-generation tool as well as just a source of information.

Our Approach

We wanted to keep the overall theme of the strong, bold graphic style whilst at the same time developing a more image-led design. We also wanted to create a more dynamic network of content that the Impact team could easily add update, manage themselves which included the standard news posts, but also the team at Impact, their Case-Studies and Testimonials, and resources that they wanted to make available to view or download.

One of our key focus’s was to ensure that clear call to actions were strategically placed around the website and that they could be used to help qualify and direct leads.


Our main challenge for the new Impact Consulting website was to increase user engagement by delivering dynamic content across the site and encouraging users to get in touch with the team.

It was important that the team were able to add, remove and manage news articles, case studies, testimonials and other content across the website easily themselves.

With all of the complex images, we also needed to be careful about the website size and subsequent loading times.


We created a bold, dynamic website that fits with Impact Consulting’s powerful existing branding, using vector graphics to ensure that not only is all of imagery pin sharp regardless of device or resolution, but also that the size of the page was significantly reduced. Background images that were originally 500kb jpg images are not 50kb vector images.

By developing the website on WordPress, the team can easily manage the content, and in addition, case studies and posts can be attached to pages automatically by tagging the relevant pillars. This creates a network of information that changes and develops over time as new information is added making sure that the pages are always up-to-date and display the most relevant information.


The result is a bold and energetic website that draws users in. Navigation is intuitive and instant, giving a fantastic user experience when traversing the website and the data within as well as providing clear and obvious contact buttons in specific locations which not only help generate leads, but also provide the team with the page location so that they can manage expectations of what service an enquiry might be for.

The team at Impact Consulting can easily manage and update the content themselves, from adding new articles, partners and testimonials or editing or reviewing case studies and careers.


We host Impact Consulting on our Managed Professional Hosting Solution accompanied by WordPress Webmaster Updates and Professional Cloud Security.

This three-tiered hosting infrastructure ensures that we have control of the data at every level, from each visitors access request to the secure cloud layer via SSL encryption, then through to the website itself. If there is any malicious activity then this is picked up by the cloud security level and blocked in situ, before it can affect the website or gain access.


The team at Impact Consulting are delighted with the website, it’s ease of use and the professional impression that it gives to visitors.