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Build Trust and Protect Your Brand

An SSL certificate displays important information for verifying the owner of a website and encrypting web traffic

SSL Certificates

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SSL Certificates

Limited Validity (LV)

Limited Validity (LV) SSL Certificates are valid only for 90 days and do not come with any form of warranty. By comparison premium SSL certificates (DV, OV, EV) all have a minimum validation of 2 years and include warranties. Spotlight Studios have integrated in an automatic renewal system with our Managed Hosting Solution to negate the short validity period and include this as a free option for all our clients.

Domain validated (DV)

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard up to 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn’t be easier and is usually handled with just a standard email. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name.

Organisation validated (OV)

To receive an OV certificate, a CA must validate certain information, including the organization, physical location, and its website’s domain name. This process typically takes a couple of days. OV certificates have a moderate level of trust and are a good option for public-facing websites that deal with less sensitive transactions.

Extended validation (EV)

This type of certificate is a must-have for websites that handle sensitive information. It has the highest level of security and is the easiest to identify. In order to issue an EV certificate, the CA performs an enhanced review of the applicant to increase the level of confidence in the business. The review process includes examination of corporate documents, applicant identity, and third-party database verification.
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ALL Manged Hosting Solutions
Come with a Free LV SSL Certificate

All Limited Validity (LV) SSL certificates are quickly deployed and offer the same level of encryption and security offered by premium solutions

Zero Cost

We believe all websites should be secure by default and there shouldn’t be “hidden costs” to secure communications with your customers. If you operate an E-commerce store or would like to display a warranty based certificate then premium solutions are available.


Just because it’s free/included with our Managed Hosting Solutions this doesn’t make it any less secure. Limited Validity (LV) Certificates are just as secure as paid certificates because of its modern security architecture and techniques.


Without the need for any 3rd Party Verification, your domain will be validated within minutes. No email validations, No renewals (you need to concern yourself with), and No additional payments.


With our auto-renewal process you never have to worry about certificate renewals. The entire process of generating, installing, and renewing SSL certificates is done with Zero involvement from you.

Why you NEED
an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is no longer a luxury; it’s an out and out necessity nowadays and there is never a good reason not to have one!
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SSL Protects Data

The core function of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client communication.
SSL Certificates 4

SSL Affirms Your Identity

The secondary task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website.
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Better Search Engine Ranking

Google rarely provides clear ways to boost your website rank, but in 2014 they made changes to their algorithm in order to prioritise HTTPS-enabled websites.
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PCI / DSS Requirement

To receive online payments, your website must be PCI compliant. Having an SSL certificate installed is one of the 12 primary requirements of PCI.
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SSL Certificates 9

Simple, Flexible Pricing

The following packages represent common choices for most of our clients, but we’ll always go through your needs on a case by case basis.

SSL Encryption



For any Hosting Solution

  • SSL Certificates 10
    Flexible SSL Encryption
    Via a Top-Level CDN
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Locked, Origin SSL Certificates
    Additional Server Security
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Integrated and Fully Managed
    At the core of our architecture

Cloud Security



All inclusive web security

  • SSL Certificates 10
    Fast User Experience
    Via a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Piece of Mind
    From DDoS Attacks
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Secure Applications
    SSL + Web Application Firewall (WAF)




Warrantied Certificates

  • SSL Certificates 10
    2 Year Validity
    Including Warranties
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Ideal for Payment Processors
    Protect yourself and your customers
  • SSL Certificates 10
    Improved Customer Confidence
    Identity is verifiable via trusted sites

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Premium Certificates

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