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Tina Lacey Recruitment

Tina Lacey Recruitment was created to deliver a quality niche “Value for Money” recruitment service with energy, care and “know-how” to candidates and clients nationally. Drawing on many years of recruiting experience they can offer a 16-year proven track record of supporting individuals and businesses within the Skills, Training and Welfare to Work sectors.
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Tina Lacey Recruitment originally had a basic website which was a little clunky to navigate. Jobs were all listed manually in a long-form text format on a single page. This presented issues for candidates trying to browse available jobs and for the admin staff as they were manually going in and adding, updating and removing job posts.

Our Approach

The new website needed to solve problems for both candidates and Tina Lacey Recruitment. The first was the overall appearance and friendliness of the website. We got to work with the grey and cyan colour pallet and used this to create a professional and inviting user experience that invoked confidence amongst the userbase. The second point was that we needed to streamline website updates making them fast and trouble-free.


Tina Lacey Recruitment had just moved to a new recruitment CRM that didn’t have an API but did provide an XML feed of all her job listings. In an “ideal world” Tina wanted to only update the Jobs on her CRM and for these changes to be automatically applied to her website, preventing discrepancies and saving a considerably amount of admin.

Tina also wanted to implement a Candidate Spotlight. Something that was eye catching, consistent with her job listings but allowed her to showcase the candidates she was working with without disclosing any personal data.


We created a one-way automated sync FROM their CRM to the website. The check happened frequently throughout the day and when changes are detected they will update the job postings automatically. Not only will they update job listings but they will also remove them if the job position has been filled. Not only is this a massive time saver for Tina Lacey Recruitment, they know that everything is always in sync.

For the candidate spotlight we created a nice transitioning banner with a bit of “Spotlight” flare. Tina Lacey Recruitment uses their Candidate ID in the admin area to discretely track profiles with no personal data being stored on the website.


Tina Lacey Recruitment were delighted with the end result and have had countless compliments on the new website throughout 2022. 

The candidate Spotlight has been a great success and has allowed them to place multiple candidates via alternative means.


Tina Lacey Recruitment utilise the Webmaster Solution alongside our flexible Support Block option for ongoing support and maintenance. These two combined ensure the website is kept up to date and secure whilst us always being on hand for any support tickets that arise throughout the year.


I have been working with the Spotlight team since 2018, it was the best decision I made when it came to choosing a team to support me with my email hosting and creating my website. Ash came up with some brilliant ideas around my spotlight page which highlights and showcases candidates I am representing as well as streamlining my vacancies with my CRM. I am so pleased with the support they have provided, quick to react and they have offered invaluable advice throughout which I am very grateful for. I have received lots of compliments about my website from candidates and clients on how easy it is to navigate and find what they are looking for. Hats off to Ash and the Spotlight Studios Team !!
Tina Lacey