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Be Just a Click Away From
Your Next Customer

With billions of searches per day on Google / Bing you can use PPC ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action.


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Standard Pay Per Click

Traditionally here in the UK when people talk about PPC 9/10 they’re referring to Google Ads.

Social Pay Per Click

We also handle paid advertising on Social Media Channles such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Display Ads

Visual Ads that will help keep your business in front of website visitors, tracking them as they visit other sites.

Alternative Ad Networks

Google is often #1 however it doesn’t always mean it’s the most appropriate for your business.
Pay-Per-Click 2

Reach the Right People
With Search Ads

The best feature of PPC is that you’ll only pay when a person interacts with one of your ads (Pay Per Click)

Get People to Take Action

When we set up your search ad you’ll be able to choose your goals such as increasing online or in-store sales, getting more leads or driving traffic to your website.

Highlight Key Information

Use ad extensions to include additional information like business location, links to specific pages on your website, product reviews, and more.

Adjust For Success

Google Ads gives us the flexibility to create multiple versions of your text ad, so you can see which performs best over time and providing the flexibilty to switch ad type at a moments notice.

Track Your Progress

The Google dashboard will show us how you’re doing. Plus, we’ll provide monthly reports and ongoing reviews to ensure your campaigns is even more successful.

We’ll Set You up
for Success

Whether you want to talk to an expert over the phone or learn more via email before making a decision, we’re here to help you build a successful campaign.
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Step 1

Get in Touch

The first stage is to let us know you’re interested and we’ll arrange a free consultation.
Pay-Per-Click 3
Step 2

PPC Discovery

A deep dive into your market, where we’ll lock in campaign pricing and expectations for the first 3 months.
Pay-Per-Click 5
Step 3

Campaign Setup

Action the campaign as laid out in the discopvery phase. Frequent tweaks and a high level of vigilance throughout.
Pay-Per-Click 5
Step 4

Ongoing PPC Management

Fully managed ongoing PPC support for the existing campagin at a reduced fee from the initial 3 month Sprint.
Pay-Per-Click 7
Pay-Per-Click 8

Simple, Flexible Pricing.
Unlimited Campaigns.

With Google Ads, you’re in control of your online advertising spend. Never pay more than your monthly budget cap, and you can stop at any time*
Pay-Per-Click 9

Setup / Sprints



1st 6 months OR any new Sprint

  • Pay-Per-Click 10
    No Large one-off Payments
    Plus no lengthy contract*
  • Pay-Per-Click 10
    Month 1-3 Sprint
    Regular updates every 1-2 weeks
  • Pay-Per-Click 10
    Month 4-6 Premium Management
    Ensure campaign is running smoothly
  • Pay-Per-Click 10
    Landing Pages Or Display Ads
    Opt for either (both will be an extra)
Pay-Per-Click 14

PPC Management



or 15% of ad spend ongoing

  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Low Monthly Cost
    3 Month rolling contract*
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Multi-Campaign Management
    Including display ads
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Landing Page Creation
    Up to 3 per 90 day cycle
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Monthly Reviews
    Ads dashboard config + PDF reports
Pay-Per-Click 19

PPC Essentials



or 10% of ad spend ongoing

  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Low Monthly Cost
    6 month rolling contract*
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Pay for Real Results
    Get an ROI on your investment
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Flexible Ad Spend
    To suit your business needs
  • Pay-Per-Click 15
    Quarterly Reviews
    Ads dashboard config + email report
*Ad spend can stop with immediate affect. Setup/Sprints are a min 6 month commitment. PPC Management/Essentials require 30 days notice.

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