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VIRSEC previously had a completely custom and bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) for their online courses. Unfortunately, the system was not built to the specification that they required, was grossly over budget and had very high associated ongoing costs.Their biggest problem is that the custom application was not performing or living up to their needs, so a solution needed to be implemented.
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Because there are ultimately two independent systems, the sales website and the Learning Management Solution, One of the core challenges for Virsec was to create a visually stimulating, informative and seamless customer journey between the website and the LMS so that customers could find what they were looking for, feel comfortable that it is the right solution for them and be confident in completing the purchase and registering with the learning management platform.

Another challenge was that was important to Virsec is that they were able to add and manage the content, including courses, images and individual focus points and call-to-actions themselves. This was important to us, too – whilst we offer copywriting services when needed, it’s nearly always better if clients can write their own content. You know your customers’ best, after all!


At Spotlight Studios we have a firm belief in keeping things simple rather than over-complicating development for the sake of it. We developed a dynamic courses system that is integrated throughout the website providing course details, individual tagging and categorisation to make it easy to filter, link and search for courses and gallery, video and various custom text fields that provide a succinct customer experience for VIRSEC’s customers.

We integrated VIRSEC’s Learning Management System by using “deep links” within the website. Clicking “Add to Cart” or “Buy now” on the courses pages and across the website open a new tab for the LMS and automatically adds the specific course to the cart.

Reliability for the VIRSEC website is paramount so the website is hosting on one of our bespoke managed website hosting solutions. The backbone is a virtual private server with dedicated resources, combined with an advanced Content Delivery Network configured to deliver optimised content, lighting quick, all across the world. All of our managed website and application hosting solutions are scalable, so as we help VIRSEC grow, so will the necessary resources.

We also integrated our cloud security service to provide protection against malware and DDOS attacks, and we’ve setup custom firewall rules to further strengthen the hosting infrastructure. In fact, because our hosting and security infrastructure are interlinked; there is no public access to the primary server itself.


The result is an eye catching and dynamic website that drives the professional ethos of VIRSEC. The website highlights VIRSEC as a specialist in online security training, at the forefront of the maritime eLearning industry.

Users can find information easily, navigate the courses by category, tag, or search keyword as well as easily add them to cart and complete the purchase. Website visitors can easily find answers to frequently asked questions, read news articles and videos and read about VIRSEC’s partners and testimonials.

Most importantly, the team can easily manage the content themselves, link questions, accreditations, articles and courses together and for any help, advice or support that they need, we are only ever a phone call away.


We support VIRSEC across the board, providing website development and ongoing feature requests via support blocks. Our WordPress Webmaster service ensures that the website is monitored around the clock, plugin and theme updates are completed regularly to keep the website secure and running smoothly.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the primary server or even the data-centre itself, we run an independent failover server to switch to instantly.


We approached Spotlight Studios to rebuild our company website and assist with the integration of the Learning Management System and eCommerce Gateway. From the outset, the team at Spotlight Studios have been nothing short of awesome. The speedy responses to any queries, requests and additional requirements is first class. Their ability to deliver what was asked for, with a few recommended tweaks that come from experience has resulted in a superb, fit for purpose website. If you are looking for a company that doesn’t overcharge you, that works with you, advises and delivers, then I cannot recommend them enough. Cheers to Peter and the team for your ongoing assistance. Trust Pilot Review
Stephen Richards