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Rollem UK is a leading supplier of cutting, perforating, and scoring equipment. Based in Sheffield, they have been providing high-quality products to their clients for over 85 years. Their products are used in a variety of industries, including printing, packaging, and security printing. Rollem UK recently underwent a full rebranding and needed to create a new website to relaunch their business.Fun Fact: 90% of Las Vegas casinos use playing cards finished on a UK-manufactured Rollem
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Rollem UK faced the challenge of creating a new website that would showcase their rebranded image and demonstrate their product offering to clients. The website needed to be designed quickly and professionally to coincide with their rebranding efforts. Additionally, the website needed to be mobile-optimised and SEO-friendly to improve their online visibility.


Spotlight Studios provided a solution for Rollem UK by creating a mobile-optimised website that detailed their product offering. The website was designed with SEO in mind to improve their online visibility. Additionally, Spotlight Studios assisted in integrating video content into their website to demonstrate the processes to their clients. The website was designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate for a seamless user experience.


Rollem UK successfully launched their new website, showcasing their rebranded image and product offering. The website was mobile-optimised and SEO-friendly, resulting in improved performance and online visibility. Clients could easily access the website from their mobile devices, and the website provided a detailed overview of Rollem UK’s products and services.


Rollem UK currently utilises managed website hosting and webmaster services provided by Spotlight Studios. This ensures that their website remains up-to-date and functioning properly, and any issues are addressed promptly.