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Special Projects Group

Special Projects Group is a distinguished veteran-owned security company known for its multi-service capabilities. Leveraging a heritage from elite military backgrounds, law enforcement, private security, and executive protection, they bring an expansive breadth of security solutions tailored to their clients’ unique needs. As changemakers in a traditionally stagnant industry, their focus on divergent thinking, strategy-driven solutions, and unmatched accountability sets them apart.
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In shaping the online presence of Special Projects Group, our goal was to mirror their commitment to excellence, innovation, and security. This partnership underscores the transformative power of tailored web solutions and our commitment to driving tangible results for our clients.


With an intent to redefine industry standards and showcase their vast expertise, Special Projects Group was looking for a web presence that reflected their superior skill set and unique approach. Their existing platform didn’t effectively convey the depth of their experience, nor did it engage visitors in an intuitive and dynamic manner. Furthermore, capturing service-specific enquiries and providing streamlined access to resources like newsletters were challenges they faced.


To meet the needs of Special Projects Group, our team embarked on developing a custom WordPress site using our unique framework. Features incorporated include:

  1. Video Background: To provide visitors with a visually immersive experience, capturing the essence of SPG’s dynamic security solutions.
  2. Dynamic Drop-down Menu: Ensures easy navigation and an engaging user interface, encouraging deeper interaction with site content.
  3. Custom Services Section: A bespoke section designed to provide detailed insights into SPG’s services, complemented with sales-focused enquiry forms that are tailored to capture the exact service a visitor is interested in. Additional features like custom brochure downloads and linked news articles were also integrated, enhancing user engagement and information availability.
  4. Newsletter Section: Allows visitors to easily browse and download previous newsletters, enhancing client communication and showcasing SPG’s consistent industry insights.


Post-launch, Special Projects Group experienced a marked increase in user engagement. The custom service enquiry forms yielded a higher quality of leads, as potential clients could specify their service interest. This directly translated to growth in their market presence. The visually appealing video background and dynamic menu kept users on the site longer, thus increasing the chances of lead conversion. Additionally, the easy access to newsletters further positioned SPG as thought leaders in their field.


To ensure the website remains in optimal condition and continues to serve the needs of SPG, we provide them with our dedicated Webmaster service. This offers regular site maintenance, updates, and ensures everything functions seamlessly. Furthermore, to guarantee the website’s speed, uptime, and security, we’ve offered a bespoke hosting solution as part of our Managed Business Hosting solution. This not only ensures smooth site performance but also guarantees data security, which is paramount for a security-centric organization like SPG.