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Protect Yourselves
From Online Attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service attack involves sending huge amounts of traffic from multiple sources to your website / application to cause your server to fall over.

DDoS Protection

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DDoS Protection

How Does a DDoS attack Work?

Essentially, a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack involves somebody intentially overloading your website with traffic which causes the server to shut down.

A website is typically designed for 10, even 100 users per second, but a DDoS attack can be in the region of thousands or even ten’s of thousands of requests.

This takes up all of the server resources and causes everything to come to a grinding halt.

How Can We Protect You?

We can protect you in a number of ways, depending on whether we are integrating DDoS protection into your existing hosting infrastructure, or if you already host with us, in which case you will already be largely protected.

DDoS Protection 1

Simplifying Your Workflow
From Start to End

We’ll manage the process from start to finish, providing you with regular updates and a development site to view and approve ammends.

Intelligent Hardware

All of our servers have smart switches and routers that will automatically detect and limit access to individual ip’s. This is built into the core of our website hosting and application hosting solutions.

Secure Software

Our Website and Applications have securty built in to mitigate DDoS attacks at the software level. This is included as part of our Webmaster Service, alongside any Website Design project.


Content Delivery Networks add an entire layer above your hosting infrastructure. This allows cached traffic to be routed across thousands of different nodes, so that the origin server (your primary hosting account) is only accessed when needed, to access or update the database, for example.


Web Application Firewalls monitor and filter traffic between a website or an application and the internet.

Overall they work together with the rest of the security infrastructure to build a holistic defense against DDoS attacks.

What Makes
Us Different?

We’re in it for the long haul, and we hope you are too! Security is important to us, so we’ve invested in making sure that your websites and applications are bulletproof.

DDoS Protection 2

Hybrid Cloud Protection

Not only do we implement CDNs but our WAF is in the cloud, too so we process the rules before there is any connection to your server.

DDoS Protection 2

Advanced Caching

We employ several caching methods, both on the servers themselves and in the cloud via our CDN.

DDoS Protection 4

Fully Managed

We’ll manage the whole hosting infrastructure for you, including integrations into third-party servers where necessary.

DDoS Protection 4

Fully Monitored

We receiving notifications if there is an ongoing attack on a server, which means we can deploy protective measures as soon as possible.

DDoS Protection 6
DDoS Protection 7

Simple, Flexible Pricing

The following packages represent common cases for most of our clients, but we’ll always go through your needs on a case by case basis.

Pay Monthly Websites

Cloud Security



  • DDoS Protection 8
    Fast User Experience
    Via a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Piece of Mind
    From DDoS Attacks
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Secure Applications
    SSL + Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Premium WordPress Websites

Cloud Security



  • DDoS Protection 8
    Enhanced DDoS Protection
    AI Bot analytics and management
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Advanced Firewall (WAF)
    Fully managed custom rules
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Custom Cloud Applications
    Analytics / Pixel / Live Chat
Bespoke Creative Websites

Cloud Security



  • DDoS Protection 8
    Unique Security
    For targeted sites
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Ongoing Monitoring
    With continuous adjustments
  • DDoS Protection 8
    Dedicated Support
    To look into any suspicious activity

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Bespoke Cloud Security

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