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New Client Onboarding

If you’re new to Spotlight Studios, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us as your provider. Below is a quick form you will need to complete before we can get your account and billing set up.

There are only a few steps to complete our onboarding process.

Some of this information we may already have, however, to ensure everything runs smoothly we kindly ask you spend ~5 minutes on these 2 steps. If you have any questions before you start there is an FAQ below, alternatively please contact your account manager or raise a support ticket.

Step 1: Form

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

This form captures the key information we need to successfully manage your account and your project.


Organisation Details

Legally Registered Name
If Applicable
If Applicable
Or the domain you intend on using if this isn't live yet
Registered Address
Registered Address
Please indicate the services you have chosen
This is just so you get the correct onboarding prompts after submission.

Primary Contact

Primary Account Communication Preferences

Accounting Contact

This will be the primary point of contact for billing and accounts (i.e. they will receive billing notifications and enquiries)
Accounting Contact


Step 2: Payment Methods

Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 minutes

Setting up a Direct Debit is required for all recurring services under £50+VAT.

Direct Debit Preference
Default Payment Method
Direct Debit Status

Direct Debits ensure there is no disruption to your service and that you will never incur any late fees. Payments are taken on the due date or 1-3 business days before if they fall on a weekend / bank holiday. You will receive your invoice and a subsequent Direct Debit notification on the run up to your renewal.

Setting one up will take under 60 seconds, it’s a one-time task and is often the quickest way to get your project underway.

This will open in a new tab. Once complete just close the tab and complete the remainder of this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need these details?
We use this information to ensure we have the correct contact details on our system and a record of your communication preferrences.
When will my project start?

Your project will commence in line with the dates discussed in your proposal. However, if there has been a delay in onboarding, setting up your Direct Debit or settling the first invoice then this will likely add on additional time.

Can you start a project without these details?

Unfortunately, no we cannot start work until we have this information. We need these details before we can complete the onboarding process.

Can you start a project without payment?

As a new client we require either your first invoice has been settled or that you have successfully signed up to a Direct Debit. Your first payment will usually be taken within 5-7 working days, however your project may start earlier if previously agreed.

Do I need to set up a Direct Debit?

For all recurring payments of £50+VAT or less we do require a Direct Debit. This ensures there is no disruption to your service, no late fees are ever encountered and your monthly services are renewed at the appropriate times. If there are any circumstances that may prevent you from doing this, please let your account manager know.

Important: Failure to renew a domain on time will not only cause your website to go offline but all of your emails will also stop working instantaneously.

Read more about what happens when a domain expires.