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New Website

Thank you for coming onboard with us here at Spotlight Studios. We’re excited to get your project underway.

Welcome to the new website onboarding form. This is just to ensure we have all the information we need before we get thee project underway.

IMPORTANT: If you have an existing brand please be sure to upload branding documentation including high resolution logos (vector or SVG formats are preferable). If there is any text or images you want including in the initial mock-ups please also provide those. Finally if there are any websites you specifically like/dislike that you would like to influence the design that have not already been covered in the proposal (or that you’ll like to elaborate on), please be sure to include them below.

Website Onboarding Form

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

Onboarding | Website Design
Your Website Domain
Do you need any help with email on your domain?

Confirm Domains

Please add your PRIMARY domain first (this is the domain your website will live on)

Likes / Dislikes

If any websites you like/dislike were not covered in your proposal OR you'd like to expand upon any previous comments please add them here


Please upload any content you wish to influence or be included within the initial design.
Large Files Up to 1TB
You can also share a folder URL such as One Drive or Dropbox etc) if this is easier.

Maximum file size: 25MB

Please upload any documentation and use a zip folder where necessary
If you'd like to add any additional comments before your project gets underway you can do so here.
As part of our website footer you will see an icon that looks like this one below. Whenever you're ready you can click on this and upload your large files.
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Additional Project Management Users

If there are other team members you'd like to receive an invite to the project manager please add them below.