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Discover the Charm: Boutique E-commerce Pro-Site for Your Unique Shop

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Bring your boutique shop to life online with our Boutique E-commerce Pro-Site solution. Designed specifically for small, unique stores, it offers a captivating storefront, seamless Etsy integration, and powerful tools to showcase your curated collections and grow your business. Embrace the charm and elevate your online presence today!

Are you a small boutique shop owner looking to create a captivating online presence that reflects your unique style? Our Boutique E-commerce Pro-Site is designed specifically for you. It provides a seamless, personalized shopping experience for your customers while showcasing your handpicked products and artisan creations.

Key Features:

  1. Customisable Storefront: Our Boutique E-commerce Pro-Site allows you to create a visually stunning storefront that captures your shop’s distinctive charm. Choose from a variety of elegant, mobile-responsive themes that showcase your products in the best light possible.
  2. Curated Collections: Organize your products into beautifully curated collections that make it easy for customers to navigate and discover items they’ll love. Highlight featured products, seasonal offerings, or best-sellers to keep your online boutique fresh and engaging.
  3. Product Detail Pages: Each product page is carefully crafted to provide all the essential information your customers need, including high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews. Engage your customers with immersive storytelling that conveys your brand’s personality and values.
  4. Secure Checkout and Payment Processing: Offer a secure and user-friendly checkout process with multiple payment options to cater to all customers. Our solution ensures the highest level of security and compliance, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.
  5. Etsy Shop Integration: For boutique shops already using Etsy, we offer seamless integration with your existing Etsy store. This allows you to easily link to your existing products, using your existing inventory and order platform while providing a cohesive shopping experience for your customers across both platforms. Please note that this is a manual process.
  6. Inventory Management and Order Fulfilments: Manage your inventory effortlessly with our easy-to-use dashboard that tracks your stock levels, orders, and shipments. Stay organized and informed, ensuring that your boutique runs smoothly and efficiently.
  7. Marketing and SEO Tools: Attract more customers to your boutique with our built-in marketing and search engine optimization tools. Utilize email marketing, social media integrations, and analytics to target the right audience and grow your online presence.

Our Boutique E-commerce Pro-Site offers a tailored solution for small boutique shops, combining an enchanting online store design with powerful features that make managing your business a breeze. Create a memorable shopping experience for your customers while expanding your reach beyond the brick-and-mortar storefront. Get started today and watch your boutique thrive online!



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Mobile Optimised

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Modern Design

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Standard Features

This is the ideal package if you just need a basic site, without a shop section, to direct your visitors to an alternative store.
  • Brought in line with your branding
  • No shop included
  • CTA’s to your primary store
  • About, Blog and Contact pages

Purchase Standard

Setup – £999+vat
Monthly Cost – £50+vat

Business Features

This is the ideal package to accompany an existing Esty, eBay, Amazon or similar store where you need a beautiful and highly converting front facing website for your boutique shop.
  • Brought in line with your branding
  • Basic shop section with products – link to external products
  • 5 products added (by our team)
  • No payment gateway

Purchase Business

Setup – £1199+vat
Monthly Cost – £75+vat

eCommerce Features

This is the ideal package for a basic WordPress WooCommerce Shop, sporting all of the features you need to start selling online.
  • Full shop with cart, discounts, inventory and reporting via WooCommerce
  • 1x Payment gateway
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
  • 5 products added (by our team)
  • up to 30 minute remote training session

Purchase eCommerce

Setup – £1499+vat
Monthly Cost – £100+vat

eCommerce Premium Features

This is the ideal package if you need a more comprehensive online shop with some integration and automation to better .
  • Minor Website Customisations
    • Page Layout Changes
    • Additional Pages
  • Bulk Product Import
  • Additional Payment Gateway
  • Esty Integration
  • No Code Automation (includes 100 actions per month)
  • Up to 1hr remote training session

Purchase eCommerce Premium

Setup – £1999+vat
Monthly Cost – £150+vat

Unsure which package you need?

Just book a call with us and we can talk you through the various options so that you can be confident your Pro Site meets your specific needs.

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