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A “custom” pro-site gives you the flexibility of our pro-site offering, with a custom approach. We’ll set you up with common features (such as testimonials, a portfolio, FAQs) and you just need to cover the cost of the custom design and layouts. So rather than you having to fit into one of our designs, our team will design something that will fit in with you.

A custom Pro-Site is usually the most efficient way to have your own “custom” look, whilst capitalising on the savings by using a common base.

What does custom work generally entail?

Custom work is usually custom designs and layouts of pages or sections of the website such as galleries, dynamic news and blog layouts and integrations across the website. Because the core infrastructure of the Pro-Site is already built out, you just have to pay for the creative parts that you are adding, significantly reducing the cost of the website compared to a standard “custom” site but without any real compromise.

How much does custom work cost?

As a ballpark, a full custom page is about £300 and a custom section (such as case-studies) usually falls between £600 and £1,200 depending on the complexity, integration into the rest of the website and how intricate the design and layout is.

How do I pay for custom work?

The first step would be to speak with us so that we can offer you a detailed quote, we can then send you a custom sales order through.

What is the monthly cost of a Custom Pro-Site?

Ongoing costs depend on the website features (some features such as ECommerce, Membership and others require more powerful hosting infrastructure) frequency of core, framework, and plugin updates as well as licencing and security (that might also be dictated by your websites features).

We’ll usually provide a few options for you to choose from when we provide a quote, but prices start from £50/mo.



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SEO Ready

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