Maximise Productivity with
Flexible Working

The flexibility of remote working saves time and money on several levels, creating a happier and healthier work environment benefiting employers and employees.

Flexible/Remote Working

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Flexible/Remote Working

Control Your Environment

Set up your desk, chair and equipment exactly how you like it. If you need a hand, we can recommend ways to keep it erganomic and keep you focussed.

To Sit or To Stand

With a growing popularity of wobble stools and standing desks, we can help you find a perfect balance of support and movement to keep you fit and healthy.

Full Device Compatability

Whatever devices you need, we can support you – whether you are remoting into the office computer, allowing connections to your Ipad or dialing into your home office.

Remote into the Office

We can install software that allows you to easily access your office computer from any of your home devices – home laptops, tablets or even your phone.

Support Your Staff Remotely

Remote access goes both ways, meaning that we can provide remote access to all of your flexible workers to reduce downtime and then need to transport equipment.

Free Consultation

If you or your team are interesting in moving to a flexible working model, talk to us today so that we can guide you through harward and software options.

Simplifying Your Remote Workflow
From Start to End

We’ll take your specific needs into account and put a proposal together with recommended services and a structured plan.

Flexible Working
for Success

We’re in it for the long haul, and we hope you are too! Remote working creates a happy, healthy work environment wherever you might be and the flexibility has a positive trend on productivity.

Collaberation & Communication

A Remote workforce requires tools to keep communication fluid, transparent (where neccessary) and secure. We can help set you up with Microsoft  Teams, Slack and others.

Video Calls & Conferencing

Whether you have internal meetings or client meetings, we can set you up on Skype, Zoom and others. Take meetings like you’re in the same room.

Data Security & Storage

Cloud Storage allows you and your team to work remotely as if you were in the same office. Access your files on all devices, anywhere in the world.

Productivity Tools

Regardless of your industry, we have tools that keep projects running smoothly – designed specifically for flexible working when your team is remote.

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