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Agemaspark, a renowned name in precision engineering, stands tall with over two decades of unmatched experience in CNC machinery, EDM spark erosion, and EDM wire erosion. The birthchild of a strategic association with a prominent machine tool sales enterprise, the firm continually invests in avant-garde machinery. This proactive investment strategy has enabled Agemaspark to craft and supply a plethora of top-tier components. With a vast array of services up their sleeve, Agemaspark has little to no limitations when catering to client requisites.
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Our collaboration with Agemaspark aimed to create a vibrant, intuitive website that went beyond the conventional. This wasn’t merely a digital brochure but a nexus of updated news, detailed case studies, and insightful information about their specialist services and industries.

Built on the robust WordPress platform using our custom framework, Agemaspark now enjoys the autonomy of managing their own content. Our bespoke systems seamlessly integrate sections like News, Case Studies, Staff profiles, Job Vacancies, Members, and Awards.

Agemaspark’s website is hosted on our Business Hosting platform and under the umbrella of our Premium Business Webmaster solution. This ensures maximum uptime, robust security, and consistent monitoring. To further accentuate the user experience, we have integrated DNS management, distribute content through a high-speed CDN, and furnish invaluable SEO insights for each page and post.


Despite Agemaspark’s comprehensive services, they faced the daunting task of presenting this information in an easily digestible yet detailed format. They required a website that was not only visually compelling but also fostered engagement, driving conversions.


We harnessed the essence of Agemaspark’s ethos and amalgamated it with our decade-long expertise in web design. Crafting a user-centric interface, the website now offers a seamless journey from the landing page to conversion points. The integration of interactive case studies and news articles further cements Agemaspark’s industry authority.


Post revamp, Agemaspark witnessed a significant uptick in website traffic. Engagements increased by 45%, and the bounce rate plummeted by 30%. The seamless UI/UX, combined with the enriched content, ensured visitors stayed longer and interacted more, leading to a 25% increase in conversions.


Agemaspark wisely opted for our Support Blocks. This hybrid support model allows them the flexibility of drawing support in 30-minute increments. Whether it’s for a day, two, or even five, our team is always at the beck and call, ensuring smooth sailing for Agemaspark’s digital front.