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Echo Personnel

We have worked with Echo Personnel since 2018 and their website has certainly stood the test of time over the last 5 years. But by write up a customer story 5 years after the initial design? It’s because their needs have evolved behind the scenes and represents a good example of how we can help your business as it grows.
Echo Personnel 1


Echo needed a new website to improve their internal workflows. Initially this meant moving their primary candidate application form online. This in itself is not overly difficult but the challenge arose with how they wanted the data providing to them as it needed to be quickly imported into the fields of their chosen CRM solution. Later they opened a new division (Echo Healthcare) where they decided to move towards a paperless process taking ALL candidate forms online, in a smooth and efficient process reducing the impact on staff and maximising the efficiency of the website.


We created a jobs board that feeds through onto the home page but the majority of their focus was on their forms and their ambition to become paperless. Each branch will receive the relevant notifications so the process is streamlined internally.

  1. Industrial Registration Form – Supplies entries ready to be directly imported into their CRM. No manual data entry required
  2. Healthcare Full Registration – Variable based logic form where they’re presented with more/less options. The confirmation email also changes to provide them with a tailored experience and different “prompts / next steps” based on their selections
  3. Terms of Engagement – A copy of these terms are sent to the candidate and Echo Personnel
  4. Working Time Directive – Their sector requires candidates to agree to work more than the average of 48hrs per week. This infomration is merged into a readable document and sent to the candidates and Echo Personnel
  5. P46 – The P46 is an online representation of the traditional P46 form. We collate this data and merge it onto an actual P46 PDF form improving internal workflows and saving a huge amount of admin for their staff


As a result Echo Personnel have successfully gone paperless for their entire onboarding and application process. This has enabled them to save countless hours within their team and onboard new candidates substantially quicker.