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Straaltechniek UK Ltd is not just another player in the surface preparation industry. With years of hands-on experience in designing and manufacturing an array of equipment such as centrifugal wheels, air blasting machines, and shot peening devices, they have cemented their reputation worldwide. The company doesn’t merely supply brand-new blast machines but also emphasises the importance of equipment modernisation. This holistic approach ensures maximum efficiency for diverse industries globally.Moreover, the company’s commitment to its customers shines brightly with offerings like routine maintenance, emergency breakdown services, and an unrivalled 24-hour breakdown cover. Their core mantra revolves around providing innovative solutions to metal processing firms, backed by diligent R&D efforts and a flexible organisational structure. Straaltechniek UK’s highly skilled engineers hold themselves to the highest standards, ensuring each project meets specific client needs. They also design, develop, and execute installations for shot blasting, shot peening applications, and equipment modernisation, keeping manual interventions to the bare minimum.
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Straaltechniek UK’s aspirations of reimagining their web presence took shape as we carved a website that mirrors their essence. Our emphasis was on creating a sleek, professional design, distinct yet harmonious with their .com website. A strategic move into the European market beckoned the need for a multilingual platform, and we answered by integrating four languages: English, French, Dutch, and Polish. Essential features such as a Dynamic News section and a Custom Case Studies Section were seamlessly integrated, ensuring users gain comprehensive insights into Straaltechniek’s accomplishments. Backing this robust website is our Business Hosting Solution, complete with dedicated resources, a global CDN, transactional mail, and daily backups to ensure optimal performance and security.


  1. Crafting a design distinct from their .com website, yet evoking a harmonious brand identity.
  2. Multilingual integration without compromising user experience.
  3. Incorporating dynamic sections to allow easy updates by the client, enhancing user engagement.


By immersing ourselves in Straaltechniek UK’s ethos and leveraging our decade-long expertise, we:

  1. Designed a minimalistic yet modern interface that stands as a testament to Straaltechniek UK’s groundbreaking services, ensuring it remains distinct from their primary website.
  2. Implemented seamless multilingual functionalities, prioritising user-friendliness and efficient translation management.
  3. Introduced dynamic modules for news and case studies, offering the client autonomy to update content, thereby enhancing user interaction and engagement.


Our collaborative journey led to a spike in Straaltechniek UK’s online engagement. The streamlined user experience, coupled with strategically placed SEO-rich content, drove a noticeable increase in organic traffic. The multilingual capabilities expanded their reach into the European market, leading to enriched business prospects and increased inquiries.


Our journey with Straaltechniek UK doesn’t end with the website’s launch. Our WordPress Webmaster solution consistently maintains the website’s backbone, ensuring all licenses, frameworks, and plugins remain updated. Our 24/7 monitoring system vigilantly guards the website and server, and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Straaltechniek UK, offering unwavering support whenever required.