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The Inspiring Leadership Foundation

A modern and dynamic charity website, designed to promote donations and volunteer involvement as well as digitising their application process. We also developed an animated logo and digital assets.
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We have developed two websites for The Inspiring Leadership Foundation (formally the The Inspiring Leadership Trust) across two different platforms (our WordPress Website Design, and our Premium Pay Monthly Website Platform) included bespoke artwork for both and even 2D and 3D animation.

The ILF first came to us via a recommendation as they needed a professional website to represent the charity, a digitised application process and an area for members to login and view materials and contact details as volunteers were paired up with mentees.

Our Approach

Initially, we developed a professional landing page with contact details for the charity and links through to their social media platforms. This single page had a brief description of the company values and information about the charity and it’s goals.

We kept this landing page in place while we developed the main website.

Inspiring Leadership Trust Website Design Version 1
Inspiring Leadership Trust Website Design Version 1

The first phase of the ILF website was a fully fledged membership platform (built within the WordPress CMS) that allowed Trustees, Volunteers and Mentees to login and view specific resources related to the programme that they were subscribed too. The internal ILF Team were able to manage the programmes that were delivered, the Mentor and Mentee application and enrollment process as well as the article, case study and testimonial content themselves.

This ran for a number of years, at which point the ILF migrated to a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for the Academy side of the website and required us to redesign a more image-led website design that encorporated full-width video banners to draw the attention of prospective users and donors.


One of the fundamental challenges was reducing initial overheads. As a charity having a tight control over cashflow was important.

In addition, the team wanted to make sure that they had control over the dynamic content of the website – they didn’t want to be tied to an expensive support package.

As a young charity, catching the attention of both donors, volunteers and users alike was incredibly important. We were tasked to design and develop a forward-thinking modern website that stood out and was effective on all devices.


Premium Pay Monthly Website

We developed the website on our Pay Monthly WordPress Platform so that we could encorporate all of of the features that the ILF needed without any initial overheads and a low ongoing cost throughout the website’s term.

The platform allowed the Team to manage the majority of the website content (Articles, People, Pathways, Projects, Publications and Contact Details to name some) themselves which significantly reduced the support needed by us.

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Website Design

The website has been design with what we call a “mobile first” technique. This means that we actually start with the mobile look of the website, then progress to tablet view and finally how the website will look on desktop screen, both low and high resolution. This provides a mobile response beyond “optimisation” as we have specifically designed the user experience on each page to be ideal for each specific device.

The website home page has a video-led design, with a dedicated background video to highlight the charity and create a professional impression for visitors.

The rest of the website reinforces an image-led design with straightforward navigation, both on the main menu and banner menu on all of the pages. This attention to User Experience ensures that content can be found easily and subtle calls to action throughout the pages creates a journey within the content leading potential donors to donate, volunteers to register and increasing engagement across the board so that more people get in touch with the charity.

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Bespoke Artwork

Inspiring Leadership Trust Compass

We developed several versions of the ILF Compass, from animated versions, full 3D renders and a stylised approach for the Brochure.

We also created artwork for the ILF Brochure, maintaining a minimal professional image and visually communicating the values of the chartity.



Since we launched the new Inspiring Leadership Foundation website in April 2021, and alongside marketing efforts from the charity, traffic increased significantly. From 351 users in March to 1,154 users in July, 4 Months Later. As we have not embarked on an SEO or PPC Strategy with the ILT, we are confident that the professional image of the new website and the inherently SEO friendly build had a significant impact on these results.

Website Traffic Increase


The team at the Inspiring Leadership Foundation said that they love the professional images created” for the charity brochure.


Business Website Hosting

Because of the nature of the business, it was important that the website did not suffer any down time and we needed to make sure that it loaded quickly on all devices and across the world.

We host the website on our Business hosting with it’s 100% network uptime and 2hr SLA and then on top of that we have a managed CDN in place to distribute the most used files across a global network of servers so that it’s fast and easy to access the website wherever you are in the world.

WordPress Webmaster Pro

Our Webmaster package provides additional security and privacy for the website content and of course keeps the WordPress core files, plugins and theme up-to-date.

Support Blocks

Because of the nature of the services that The ILF provide, it was important that the team had access to support when needed. Our hybrid support allowed fast turn around of changes at charity friendly costs.