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Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC)

10th August 2015

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre(SYDRC) is a youth community-based organisation that has been working with Somali young people and other young people in Camden and neighbouring boroughs since 2000.

SYDRC is unique in Camden as the only youth lead organisation providing activities and services for young people. SYDRC is also believed to be the only Somali organisation in Britain that is a youth-led and this is reflected in the membership of this Youth Advisory and Management committee. This uniqueness has enabled SYDRC to develop good working relationships with key agencies and stakeholders working to tackle key social issues affecting young Somali people including gang-related activities, knife and gun crime, educational underachievement, school exclusions and anti-social behaviour.

If you or anybody you know have any issues you would like to talk about with SYDRC you can contact them directly at there new website:

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10th August 2015
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