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How secure is your password?

29th February 2016

Password security is becoming a more integral part of our everyday lives. The majority of people reading this will use very common passwords, rarely more than 8 characters in length and often a word that is closely linked to themselves. So what can we do to protect our online identities especially when everything we seem to do nowadays requires a login, not to mention they are all supposed to be different. Well here are a few easy steps to help you to a more secure online world:

  1. Avoid family member names, pets, memorable dates etc
  2. Avoid the “remember my password” option in your browser, it’s generally not that safe.
  3. Prepare a unique “Master Password” (for point 4) – and never forget it…
    • Use a random/foreign/made-up word/sentence
    • Combination of Upper/Lower case letters
    • Use numbers and Special Characters
  4. Set up a password manager – We recommend LastPass Then you will only ever have to remember your “Master Password” (doesn’t that make life easy)
  5. Use 2 factor authentication whenever it is made available to you: This adds an extra layer of security by using a phone application such as Google Authenticator as an additional password check when you log in for the first time on a new browser. The below applications are a few that use this method.
    1. Lastpass
    2. Gmail
    3. Dropbox

Let’s take a look at some passwords concepts for a “Master Password”

Bad IdeaGetting BetterRespectableCongratulations – You’re one of us
james1J@m3s746+!J@M&5]#597T@K3@L0ngS3^t@nc3&ampMa|<!tUR0//// (Take a long sentence and make it your own)

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29th February 2016
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