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Update WordPress | Importance of keeping a WordPress installation up to date

If you have ever worked with WordPress before then you will understand how often they release new updates for the site.

You may get asked to update on a regular basis but it is easy to push this to one side so you can focus on then more important aspects of your business. The truth is however that there are many reasons why you should keep your WordPress site up to date and some of them may surprise you. Take a look below to find out more.

Bug Fixes

Bugs exist in code whatever you do. Even the finest minds in the industry will still experience bugs in their code from time to time, and new updates tend to fix those. You may be thinking, why are there so many bugs when compared to more basic sites? But the truth is that every time you add a new feature or a new theme, you increase the amount of code on the site and this leaves room for even more bugs. It just can’t be prevented, but you can make sure that you don’t experience them as often by updating your site wherever possible.

But how important is keeping it up to date, really?

It is incredibly important to make sure you update WordPress and keep your plugins up to date, especially when it comes to security and reliability.


WordPress is incredibly popular which makes it a target for hackers. There are a lot of hackers who would love to hack into WordPress sites because of the sheer amount of money that they can make. Once a backdoor has been found, a hacker may be able to infiltrate your site and that is why WordPress developers are constantly working hard to identify these vulnerabilities so they can patch them up quickly and efficiently.

This really is the main reason why you should keep your WordPress site up to date and with our Web Master service, we can take care of all of this and more.

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