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Does Google like your website? Free SEO Audit

If you aren’t sure whether Google likes your site or not, then it may be a good idea to get a free SEO audit. A few years ago, Google released a Page Speed tool and this was fully designed to help you know how fast your pages can load. Now, another update has been released by Google and if your site isn’t mobile optimised then you could risk losing your ranking altogether. Of course, you also run the risk of your site actually being mobile optimised, but Google might not even know about it. The GoogleBot will decide whether or not your site is mobile friendly and this can make it a little more difficult to get your site back on track.

The main problem is that GoogleBot can’t detect that your website, for example, SeoAudit1.com has been redirected to mobile.SeoAudit1.com, so even if you do have a mobile optimised version of your site, if you are redirecting then you could still be in trouble and on top of this, you won’t be getting much mobile traffic to your site either.

So how do you sort this out? You should use another tool, as opposed to the main WooRank tool. This will help you to understand how mobile-friendly your site is as well as showing you how fast it can load up as well. By going for a free SEO audit, you can find out whether there are important files or features that are inaccessible by Google and by doing this, you can be sure to find out whether or not your site is on the right track when it comes to optimisation. Most of the time, you don’t need to pay for this service either, so it really is worth a try.

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The Importance of Blogs

If you own a website then you will certainly understand the importance of having a quality ranking. It doesn’t matter whether you own a local coffee shop or a corporate e-commerce store with thousands of products, your ranking on Google will determine how many customers you get and how many people visit your site, not to mention that it could also decide whether or not you’re successful in the world of internet marketing.

Get all of the love!

Google loves fresh content, in fact, all search engines do! Of course, it can be difficult to change your website content on a weekly basis, and this is where blogs come in. Blogs allow you to optimise certain keywords for your business while also helping you to increase your ranking. This is vitally important, especially if there is a lot of competition in the field. After all, if your rivals are ahead of you on the ranking system, they will most likely be getting most of your traffic, and this is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

A little often is the key

By posting just once a week, you can help to avoid all of this while also making sure that your customers have plenty of reading material when they visit your site. Your blogs can be about anything and everything, and they can be written in any tone and style so you can have complete creative control over your site and the impression that you leave on your customers.

So do you want to see an increase in your ranking? Maybe you just want to get ahead of your competition, either way, blogs are certainly the way forward and they can really work wonders for your business and your site.

There’s no time like the present

Why not start a blog today? By posting just once a week, you too could be among the top companies on Google!

Helpful Tools

Our Spotlight Social Media Management Tool can help you spread your blog posts out into the ether with ease and even help advise you on the most effective time to publish. Sign up for free and see what other benefits a centralised tool might have for your business.

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Importance of Website Backup

You may have heard a lot about people losing data from their hard drives because they haven’t backed them up properly and the same goes for your site. You may be thinking that the chance of something going wrong with your site is very slim, but the truth is that if your site is online, it is always at risk and this is something that you want to limit as much as possible.

So why would you need to back up your site?


Hackers are out to get into any site that they can. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many products you sell, if they can get access to your site, they will most likely use it to their advantage. Even if there is no data to steal, they may inject malicious code that infects your visitors and puts a black mark against your domain killing any ranking you have and potentially putting you in a very difficult legal position. This kind of compromise of the overall security of your site can mean the end of a company but by creating a backup copy, you can help to get your site live again while you deal with the security issue.

We have several packages available to help prevent this in the first place.


You may need to update your site but when you look at the sheer amount of features that are available, you may start to realise that now and again, something can and will go wrong. You can get problems between WordPress updates and older themes and plugins as well as conflicts between certain plugins and themes themselves. This isn’t anyone’s fault but it does mean that you’ll need to spend time and resources fixing the problem. When you have a backup, you don’t need to worry about this because you can just roll back and have everything as it was before the update occurred.

Of course, you should know about The importance of keeping WordPress up to date in the first place, but it’s also important to have a safety net.

These are just a few reasons why you should have a website backup and there are plenty more available, so contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.