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Deploy, Scale and Manage
Containerized Applications

Kubernetes allows a business to grow with redeveloping their hosting infrastructure. It provides faster, easier and more portable deployment.


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Forget worrying about keeping individual servers and it’s software versions up-to-date – Kubernetes allows automatic scaling and deployment of nodes.
Originally developed by experienced Google engineers, Kubernetes is the technology of choice for growing applications.
Kubernetes allows updates to be rolled out without any downtime, and the insfrastructure will dynamically request resources as they are needed.
Whilst initial setup is expensive, because of the dynamic scalability of Kubernetes to match demand, it can be significantly cheaper than tradtional hosting.
Investing in a container orchestration solution for your application can result in higher service quality and reliability.

If a node fails, then Kubernetes will automatically divert resources to solve any issues, or if needs be recreate the node from scratch.

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Change The Way You Think
About Hosting Your Applicaitons

Once your application has been built using containers, it is completely separate from it’s infrastructure – just define the environment that you need and Kubernetes will run it automatically.

Completing a
Project Scope

By spending 10-15 mins completing our online scoping document you will provide us with all the necessary information we need to provide you with an accurate estimate for the work.


After completing a project scope we will review and discuss the project, your expectations and requirements so that we can put a proposal document together for you.

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The first step in any Kubernetes Project is to fill out a project scope. This allows us to put a proposal document together for you (we may have some follow up questions, first, of course) but if that’s too intimidating, just give us a quick call or get in touch.