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Get Your Message to the Right
Person at the Right Time

Transactional email is a type of email sent to facilitate a confirmation, an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and the recipient or a password reset. Transactional emails typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high open rates.

Transactional Mail

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Transactional Mail

Why Do We Need
Transactional Mail?

You wouldn’t send an important letter without a tracking code or without requiring a signature – so why do it with digital messages?

Signed and Trusted

Transactional mail sends messages via secure servers that have a digitally signed certificate authorising your domain. This means that the recipient knows that the message can be trusted.

Tracked Delivery

We can track messages to check that they have been delivered, if any have bounced and even see how many have been opened.

Secure Data

We only ever have access to the sender and recipient’s email addresses and the subject of the message for verification purposes. We don’t have access to the content of your message.

No More Lost Messages

Reliable email means reliable sales and reliable communication.

Keep your business streamlined with transactional mail.

Transactional Mail 1

Integrated Into Our Hosting
And Included With Webmaster

Our website hosting has transactional mail built into it’s architecture – it’s part of our application hosting infrastructure, too.

Our Professional and Business Webmaster Services include transactional mail regardless of where the website is hosted.

Our Reasonable
Use Policy

We have soft limits on our transactional mail packages. We don’t punish clients who accassionally creep over the bracket but we might ask you to concider upgrading if you are regularly over your current limit.

Support When
You Need It

All of our services are managed, so if you’re worried that your messages are not being sent then just raise a support ticket and we can view the logs and see if there are any obvious errors and how to correct them.

Simple, Flexible Pricing

The following packages represent common cases for most of our clients, but we can provide additional volumes on case to case basis.

Transactional Mail 2

Up To
1,000 Sends /mo


Transactional Mail 3

Up To
2,500 Sends /mo


Transactional Mail 4

Up To
5,000 Sends /mo


250 sends /mo are included for free with our Professioal and Business Webmaster packages.