The 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Spotlight Studios Managed Wordpress Hosting

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Why Spotlight Studios?

We've created a managed WordPress hosting platform at the highest industry standards. Powered by state-of-the-art technologies, you get lightning fast load times, support from veteran WordPress experts and a free migration consultation (by our team). We've engineered the best WordPress hosting platform to make hosting simple.

The primary benefit of using our managed WordPress hosting is the greater control you get over your time. Opting for an unmanaged plan can see you spending a lot of time taking care of maintenance, website optimization, security, troubleshooting issues and more.

Managed hosting can be more expensive than un-managed plans. However, the time you receive in return could repay that cost tenfold.

For example, you can use the extra time to focus on business development, following up leads and closing more business. This should let you grow at a faster rate, and offset the minor cost of managed hosting. We'll focus on the hosting infrastructure and you can focus on growing your business.

Find out what makes us the best choice for your WordPress sites: 


1. High Performance Optimisation

Spotlight Studios provide hosting environments that are fine-tuned to work with WordPress. Most hosting providers leave their servers on the default settings - Let us do all the nitty-gritty stuff so you can concentrate on growing your business

Fast sites convert traffic to revenue more effectively and rank higher in search engines. Speedy sites deliver better experiences to visitors, which in turn, leads to happier, more engaged visitors. WordPress sites can become slow for any number of technical reasons. Spotlight Studios Managed WordPress hosting systems actively monitor these, making continual optimization improvements. Our services create an infrastructure that makes WordPress fast – even under the heaviest of visitor loads.

We use state-of-the-art technology which optimises the server as much as possible to make sure your website loads in the blink of an eye. This includes complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability. Active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. Continuous monitoring and security for uptime,  attack detection, malware scanning and hardware firewalls. At Spotlight Studios, we employ only the best technology, from our server hardware to the software we run and the staff on the ground. No matter what kind of website you connect, we’ll always have your hosting service up to date. Powered by the latest platforms and hosted in the best UK data centres. Everything is interconnected over our premium tier network, designed to minimise distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data. Bottom line: your site is monitored and secured 24/7. 

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2. Peace of mind

Spend less time worrying about your website and more time growing your business. Whether you need to roll back your site or you’re hit with a sudden surge of traffic; Spotlight Studios's managed WordPress hosting plans have got you covered every step of the way.

Every minute, silent armies of robots are crawling the web, looking for sites to break into and bend to their own will. They try passwords, look for outdated themes, plugins, and core code, and pore through thousands of sites every hour.

While you might ask yourself “Who would want to break into my site? I’m not the government.” that’s not how hackers think. These attackers seek to turn your website into a spam-sending, botnet-controlled, malware-distributing machine.

What can Spotlight Studios do in this case?

Our managed WordPress hosting services include regular uptime checks which mean we will check the status of all websites we host every minute. That translates to 1440 checks for each of your sites every day. Our uptime checks allow us to react to issues, such as if your website is taking longer to load than usual or if there is a security flag before they affect lots of visitors. It allows us to be proactive in our support efforts.

We backup your sites at least once every day. Should the worst happen we'll be able to reinstate a backup of your site with the push of a button. We offer separate backups and backup history if needed. For an additional fee, we can increase the backup frequency of your sites to every 6 hours or even every hour. If you make frequent changes or have a highly dynamic site, this may be a worthwhile addition to your site's security arsenal.

Our infrastructure is built on the best platforms. Your site can scale up to your needs, and the power is always there when you need it. Most importantly, we are ready for unpredictable traffic surges. Sudden spikes from social media or being featured on national television is no match for our server’s power.

We don't just sit around waiting for attacks and hacks to happen. We keep all of our server software up to date and constantly monitor events network-wide. Our technicians have years upon years of experience dealing with all sorts of website including WordPress issues and can restore your site to perfect working condition.

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3. Our servers are scalable

After months of hard work on your site, there will come a time when it all pays off – you finally get featured on that big media site, make the homepage of Reddit, or rank number one for that keyword. Thousands of visitors come to your site in a matter of minutes. Hooray! Fame and fortune are closer than ever before.

But this is exactly when most websites fail – just when your site is its most popular, the crush of visitors overwhelm the server and the site goes down. New visitors are shown an error message or a blank screen.

And after months of hard work, your web host has turned success into failure.

Our Managed WordPress services can scale your site’s traffic automatically to serve hundreds of thousands of simultaneous visitors – so you’ll avoid the dreaded “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error message when you finally hit that front page of Reddit, CNN, or your favourite publication.

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4. Support that cares

Many hosts support only their own server hardware – so when your site goes down or shows errors, they simply tell you the server is fine, and throw the responsibility back to you. Unless you want to become a systems administrator, this is confusing, frustrating, and flat out irritating. Providing fast and knowledgeable support has been our number one priority since day one. Instead of scripted replies, we have actual WordPress experts standing by and ready to assist you.

WordPress Support at Spotlight Studios is not an afterthought, it's our number one priority. Our team speaks WordPress fluently, has experience in troubleshooting, server maintenance, theme and plugin building and maintenance, and more!

We'll tend to your issue as soon as we can, giving you feedback and clear communication along the way. Communication is key, both internally and externally. We use unified communication systems which means that our support staff moving between shifts will always be up-to-date on your issue, so you never have to repeat yourself.

We check your sites' uptime every minute which means that our response time is almost immediate to any downtime that may occur. Our staff is alerted instantly and they'll start resolving the issue well before you contact us. We monitor the status of our other external and internal systems just as rigorously. This keeps our servers healthy, allowing us to focus on continuous improvements.

We emphasize the sharing of knowledge within our support department which makes us a well-oiled machine. Complex issues may call for teamwork behind the scenes, something our team is more than ready for. Whether your website is down, you're getting attacked, you have SSL issues, we are here to help.

Managed website migrations

Moving your site to Spotlight Studios won’t incur any downtime. Our expert migration team will take care of everything for you. We’ll assign a temporary domain to your migrated site and check everything before going live.

Start your managed WordPress hosting plan with Spotlight Studios today

Sit back, relax, and let our expert team handle the nitty gritty stuff. We’ll let you know when your sites are ready to go.

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