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Website Performance Spotlight Studios Ltd

Speed Up WordPress | Google’s Battle on Slow Websites

The time it takes for your website to load can be very important, if a website takes more than a couple seconds to load then customers will get frustrated.

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Top 10 SME tools Spotlight Studios

How And Why Should I Backlink?

We all know that SEO is a crucial part of your website ranking and we also know that sometimes your ranking isn’t always down to the content that you post.

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WordPress Spotlight Studios Ltd

Update WordPress | Importance of keeping a WordPress installation up to date

If you have ever worked with WordPress before then you will understand how often they release new updates for the site. You may get asked to update on a regular basis but it is easy to push this to on …

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The Bridge Project Logo

The Bridge Project, Bradford

The Bridge Project’s mission is to help individuals and families to achieve Recovery from addictions. Their vision is to be the provider of the first choice of excellent, visibly innovative substance …

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Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC)

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre(SYDRC) is a youth community-based organisation that has been working with Somali young people and other young people in Camden and neighbouring boroughs since …

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WordPress Spotlight Studios Ltd

Make WordPress more secure in 5 seconds

We all know of the dangers lurking behind the dark corners of the web, but here is a super-simple step to make your WordPress installation much more secure with virtually no effort. How? Simply move y …

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CSS Spotlight Studios

Visibility: Hidden vs Display: None

We have come across a few sources in the past few weeks, some plugins and some scripts that we have needed to edit in order to correct formatting irregularities. The problems have occurred when certai …

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Re:Centre Bradford Spotlight Studios Ltd

New Bradford Office in re:Center!

Originally studying here many moons ago, we’ve always been invested in Bradford and now that we also teach at the University, office space near the campus seemed like a no-brainer.

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