Secure and Accessible

Secure and Accessible

Providing a good backup solution is more than just duplicating your data. Where the data is stored, how accessible it is both outside of the office and during an emergency and how quickly the data can be restored are all important factors that need to be concidered.

Talk to us today about which product is most suitable for your business – a fully managed service means that we’ll take care of provisioning, installing and supporting your new hardware, software and services with a single point of contact.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Wheher you need a backup service to keep a clone of your entire file storage or an online cloud service to share and collaberate with files across the company (or a combination of the two) then we have services help.

Talk to us today about what services might integrate the best to your current workflow.

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Spotlight NAS

Spotlight NAS

This is a remotely managed and fully integrated Network Attached Storage box with Mirrored (Raid1) storage, built in encryption, automated backups and integration into cloud services including Amazon S3 and Glacier.

These devices are based on Synology Hardware, expertly configured by us and are available from 2TB to 72TB capacities.

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Website Backup

Website Backup

We’ve developed a Website Backup process that is second to none.

We take daily backups of our accounts to at least two different locations so that even in the worst disaster we can restore your website on a new server if we need to, without any issues.

The primary backup location will depend on the hosting type, but the seconday uses Amazon’s powerful AWS Hosting on Europeon servers for added security and reliability.

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